How Installation Works

Creating your perfect landscape with CedarKings is not just about selecting the right trees; it's also about ensuring they're installed correctly for their long-term health and growth. Here's a step-by-step guide on how our installation process works, from initial inquiry to the day of installation.

Step 1: Inquiry and Quote

  • Initial Contact: If you're interested in our professional installation services, we invite you to fill out the installation form available on our website. Alternatively, you can reach out directly by calling or emailing our customer service team to discuss your project needs.
  • Receiving Your Quote: Upon receiving your request, our team will work promptly to provide you with a detailed quote for the installation. We aim to deliver this quote within 1 business day, ensuring a swift start to your project.

Step 2: Project Estimation and Booking

  • Project Estimate: Once your quote request is completed, we'll send you an estimate outlining the total cost of your installation project. This estimate includes a clear breakdown of all associated costs, allowing you to understand exactly what you're paying for.
  • Booking Your Installation: If the estimate meets your approval, we'll collect a 20% deposit to secure your installation date. This deposit confirms your booking and allows us to schedule your project on our calendar.

Step 3: Day of Installation

  • Live ETA Updates: On the morning of your scheduled installation, you'll receive live updates providing you with an ETA for our crew's arrival. This ensures you're well-informed of our timing, allowing you to plan your day accordingly.
  • Professional Planting: Our experienced crew will arrive with the trees and all necessary equipment to complete your installation. They'll professionally plant each tree, ensuring optimal placement for long-term success and your overall satisfaction with the outcome.
  • Flexibility on Site: We understand that plans can change once you see the trees in your space. That's why our crew brings a few extra trees, giving you the flexibility to adjust the number of trees you'd like installed on the day. Whether you decide on a couple less or a few more, we can accommodate your request and adjust the final invoice accordingly.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

Our commitment doesn't end once the trees are planted. We follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction with the installation and to provide any advice needed for the care and maintenance of your trees. CedarKings is dedicated to enhancing your landscape with quality trees and expert installation services, guaranteeing a beautiful and thriving garden for years to come.

For any questions about our installation process or to start planning your project, please contact us. Our team is here to help make your landscaping dreams a reality